Big Red Athletic Foundation



Volunteer Opportunities


BRAF's goal is to exceed 250 active members.  If you are interested in participating in Membership Development, contact Jim Howarth at 228-822-4072

A Membership Newsletter is a benefit that our members will enjoy.  The BRAF Newsletter will help keep our members informed on the various activities and accomplishments of the young men and women who represent Biloxi.  Our goal is to provide a quarterly newsletter.  If yoiu are interested in particpating in the development and publication of the BRAF Newsletter, contact Tom Gladney 

Event Management is an essential part of BRAF.  BRAF events keep our members informed, help members meet members andraises the funds necessary for the Foundation's support of the 19 sporting events enjoyed by athletes under the guidance of the Biloxi Athletic Department.  Coach's Corners are an excellent way for our members to meet the coaches who guide our Biloxi athletes in all sports.  Coach's Corners are planned quarterly.   Fundraising events are still in the development stage as to the number and size.  We are looking at one or two annual events.  Our initial event was the Jackie Sherrill Dinner at the BHS Cafeteria that got BRAF off to a successful start.  For interest in participating in Event Management, contact Pat Buchanan at 228-374-2999



You can support Biloxi athletics and our community with the purchase of a BHS Indian Arrowhead license plate.  We have a great opportunity to show our pride in the Biloxi Indian heritage and support BRAF by signing up for a special approved by the Mississippi Legislature under House Bill 1482.  A car tag with the Indian Arrow and thename "Biloxi Indian" prominently displayed on your license for all to see is a must.  The required number of orders needed to have the plates availabe is 300.  We are well on our way but need your support to push us over the top.  Lets make it happen!  For interest in participating in the Tag Development, contact Felix Gines at 228-669-1666