Big Red Athletic Foundation




Membership in the Big Red Athletic Foundation entitles all members to voting rights as well as access to all BRAF meetings and non fund raising events. Coaches Corners, for Members Only, will feature coaches and players as they give the latest information on the sports in-season.  Periodic newsletters will be e-mailed to all members featuring articles and information on various sports accomplishments and insights from sports administrators and coaches.

Big Red Athletic Foundation thanks all those listed below who have stepped forth to become the first members of the Foundation in this initial year of operation. 

   * Denotes Lifetime Member

Keith Anderson

Mark & Jerrie Barhanovich

Elton & Rachel Bienvenue

Bobby Brashier

Michelle & Tom Brown

Pat & Allison Buchanan *

Paul Cannette

RoAnna & Arlan Chenault

Vincent Creel

Darney Derouen

Rodney & Betty Derouen

Rusty Derouen

Henry Dick

Steve Dick

Edward F. Donovan *

Larry & Kathleen Drawdy

Kevin Felsher

Tim & Kim Gill

Felix O. Gines *

Tom & Cindy Gladney

Bubba Hall

Chris Harbison

Alain & Shannon Harpin

William & Martha Harper

Dixie & Erin Hollis *

Kenny & Dianne Holloway *

Jim & Gloria Howarth *

Bobby & Leslie Howarth *

Richard Howell

Matt Jermyn

Eva & Danny Lang

David Machado *

George & Sara McNeer

Anthony Montgomery *

Kathy Parsons

Mike & Lori Pontius

Jimmy Poulos*

Cecil Powell

Doug Rackley

Rocky Ransonet

Lanny & Angela Roch

Richard & Cecelia Schmidt

Gavin & Stacy Schmidt

Ronnie & Susie Seymour

Bill & Wendy Snyder

Paul & Wanda Tisdale

Michae & Vickie Trochesset

John & Ellie Vasilopoulos

Lauren Wahl

William & Shirley Windham

Andy Welter

John Welter




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