Big Red Athletic Foundation



Frequently Asked Questions



Here are some frequently asked questions about the Big Red Athletic Foundation:

What is the primary purpose of BRAF?

The primary purpose of BRAF is to work toward improving all athletic programs within the Biloxi School District in cooperation with the Biloxi High School Athletic Department by providing financial support for the necessary improvements that the Athletic Department identifies.

The Big Red Athletic Foundation was created with the goal of improving all athletic programs within the Biloxi School District, in cooperation with the Biloxi High School Athletic Department.

What are donated funds used for?

Donated funds are used for the purchase of equipment and supplies identified by the Athletic Department as necessities for the improvement in the overall performance of the Biloxi High School Athletic Department.   In addition, recognition for outstanding performance will be recognized.

The things required to provide each student‑athlete with a competitive advantage at the local, district, and state levels will be identified by the coaches, and the coaches will write grant proposals to the Foundation.  The Foundation will review the proposal and grant, deny or fund in part the proposal.

Why should I give to BRAF?

Athletic excellence is an important contributor toward a positive high school experience not only for the athletes involved but also for the students supporting and enjoying the events.  By contributing to BRAF, supporters help the athletic programs create a positive experience for the athletes, students and fans.

The Foundation was established to help create an environment that promotes excellence in athletics for the Biloxi School District. This environment will encourage student‑athletes to compete at the highest level, affording each athlete the best opportunity to earn an athletic scholarship to schools of higher education.

How does the mission of BRAF differ from that of the Booster Clubs?

BRAF supports all sports whereas individual sport booster clubs focus on one individual sport.  Biloxi High School and Biloxi Junior High School participates in nineteen boys and girls sports.  Many sports do not have a booster club to support their additional athletic needs.  In addition, there are needs that booster clubs cannot fund and may need BRAF assistance.  BRAF will work with booster clubs and with those sports that do not have the benefit of booster clubs.

The Foundation is not a super booster club.  The individual booster clubs historically provide uniforms, shoes, bats, meals, banquets, season awards and other sport specific items.

Will any of the donated funds be used to subsidize coach’s salaries?

No.  BRAF does not provide funds to subsidize coach’s salaries.  BRAF will reward excellence by giving a coach who wins a state championship a maximum of $100 incentive recognition.

How will donated funds be managed?

Coaches will write grant proposals for the items they need for their programs.  The grant proposals will be submitted to the Board of Directors for BRAF; the Board is responsible for managing the funds donated.  In addition, the Board will determine what funds are available each year for athletic support based on the funds received through memberships, events, personal donations, and business sponsorships.

Are donations tax deductible?

BRAF is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation.  Donations made to BRAF are considered tax deductible, however it is advisable to consult with a tax advisor to confirm deductibility.  BRAF will sent out a donation statement on all contributions of $250 or more.  The same deductibility disclosure applies for membership dues.

How are officers selected?

Officers of BRAF are selected from the Foundation’s board members.

What are the terms of the Board Members?

The board consist of 12 Foundation members.  Four of the board members are appointed by executives of the Biloxi School District.  The other eight are elected by the members and will serve two year terms.

Will the Foundation accept Memorial or Tribute gifts?

The foundation does accept Memorial or Tribute gifts/donations.  The name of the individual memorialized will be recognized on the Wall of Honor.

Why can’t the Biloxi School District pay for the needs of the athletic department?

Biloxi School District offers 12 sports, consisting of 50 different teams.  The Biloxi High School Athletic Department is self-sustaining based on ticket sales.  Simply, the revenue from the sale of tickets supports 50 athletic teams.    Declining enrollment since Hurricane Katrina coupled by difficult economic conditions have made it difficult to allow for everything necessary not only for academic excellence but also for sports excellence.  Throughout the country, high schools challenged by budgetary restraints have formed similar foundations not only for academic purpose but also for athletics.

If I have other questions, who should I contact?

Please see all officers listed under the contact tab.   For general questions about the Foundation, contact Pat Buchanan.  For questions about membership, contact Dianne Holloway.  For questions about types of donations or fund management, contact Gavin Schmidt.